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Email signature - how to set up an email signature on webmail
Logging Into Your Email

Firstly, open up web mail by visiting and login using your email address and password.

Getting To Your Email Signature

To get into the settings for your email, you will need to click on the button in the navigation bar called Options.

On the left hand side you will see a navigation bar, which will have an option called Mail, click on this so it expands and then click on Email Signature.

Adding an Email Signature

Now you should see a box (as below)

Tick Enable Email Signature, you can now customise your signature which will be sent at the bottom of your email each time you send one. You can always send an email to yourself just to make sure that it looks how you want it to.

Don`t forget to use the tools provided to change the size, font and colour to make it personal to you.

..and don`t forget to click Save when you`re done editing!

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