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What is it, and why use it?
G Suite for Business provides a brilliant business system for email, calendar, and cloud storage.
  1. Email
    1. This is basically Google's business version of GMail.
    2. It is great if any of the following applies to you:-
      1. You want quick and easy to access email
      2. You want to have a large amount of email storage
      3. You want really great junk / spam filtering
      4. You need to have multiple computers all accessing the same email account

  2. Calendar
    1. You need an online calendar which you can access via the web and also synchronise with your phone

  3. Drive ("cloud" storage)
    1. You need to have cloud based backup of all your files
    2. You want to be able to access your files from more than one place, or more than one device
    3. You need to be able to easily share files or collaborate on files with colleagues

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