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I`m getting spam in my Inbox
Our basic email service is provided by MailEnable, and comes free with Spam Assassin, one of the world's leading anti-spam products. We also ensure it's kept as up to date as possible.

Anti-Spam isn't perfect

Unfortunately no anti-spam system is perfect and never can be. For the following reasons:-

1) About 50% of email sent on the internet is spam and spammers constantly try and make their email look like real email, unfortunately no anti-spam service is 100% accurate at being able to tell the difference.

2) Not all email companies, businesses or IT providers use all the latest email standards to deal with anti-spam. This means when some people send you valid email you want to receive, their email will go into junk.

So as such sometimes you can either get valid email going into junk, or junk mail going into your inbox.

If you have valid emails going into your junk mail folder then:-
  1. Check your junk mail folder or read the junk mail report emails (which are sent regularly) to check for valid emails in your Junk Mail folder

  2. Add contacts who regularily email you to your whitelist. Click here for instructions on how to do that

If you get the occassional item of spam going into your inbox

  1. Unfortunately as no anti-spam filter is 100% accurate, you will find that approxpimately 10-20% of spam can go into your inbox rather than the junk mail folder. The anti-spam systems we use and buy in should tackle the majority of spam, but there is literally no anti-spam system we've ever been able to find on the market (and we've searched exhaustively) that is 100% accurate as spammers try lots of tricks to deceive antispam systems so that their message ends in your inbox.

  2. If you check your email via email software like Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird, there are many third party antispam software programs out there which can give you a dual layer of protection. When we last researched to see which are the best desktop (computer based) anti-spam systems on the market, we found these to be the best:-

    PC (Windows)

    Apple Mac

    Phones and tablets - iOS (iPhone / iPad etc) or Android (Samsung, HTC, Sony etc)
    This changes frequently. So on your phone go to the "App store" (iPhone/iPad) or "Play store" (Android), and search the app store for anti-spam software. Be careful to find software which has good reviews so you know you're getting the best!

Are there any alternatives to your email service?

Whilst you may have your website provided by us, you can always use a different provider for email should you wish. We've found through experience however that even the best services like Google's gmail anti-spam system isn't perfect either and you will likely have exactly the same problems with the junk mail filtering not being 100% accurate.

The best alternative on the market would be Google's business email service. It's called Google Apps for business and you have to pay Google seperately for it. As well as email, they provide Drive cloud file storage, an online calendar that can syncronise with your phone, and much more.

To find out more about Google Apps for business, please click here

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