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BLACKLIST - How to add an email address to your blacklist so emails go to your junk mail folder
Please note - if you have anti-spam software on your machine note that this is seperate from our anti-spam service so if you mark someone as a "blocked sender" on your computer it won`t necessarily have any effect on the anti-spam system we provide, so read our instructions below. Thanks! :)

What is a blacklist?

A black list is a list of email addresses (or emails from a whole domain name like which automatically get put into your junk mail folder because you don`t want to receive emails from them.

The below explains how to add email addresses (or emails from a whole domain name like to your blacklist.

Logging Into Your Email

Firstly, you will need to login to webmail at using your username & password (provided to you in your welcome pack).

Accessing Your Blacklist

To get into the settings for your email, you will need to click on the button in the navigation bar called Options.

On the left hand side you will see a navigation bar, which will have an option called Mail, click on this so it expands and then click on Blacklist.

Adding Senders/Domains To Your Blacklist

Then click on the button Add Sender/Domain, this will make a box appear where you can input the senders email, or the domain of people you want your spam filter to block out, and send emails directly to your junk folder.

When you have entered the email/domain, click Ok.
You can see a list of emails/domains in your blacklist in the table above.

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