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14 day distance selling regulations Consumer Contracts (formerly Distance Selling) etc
What were the Distance Selling Regulations?

Distance Selling Regulations were the rules that protected consumers when buying good or services online. These were replaced with the Consumer Contracts Regulations - which came into force in the UK in June 2014.

Our services are B2B (Business to Business), not B2C (Business to Consumer)

All our services are B2B (business to business). Our clients are businesses, not consumers, and we are a business so all transactions are B2B, not B2C. The Consumer Contracts Regulations do not apply to B2B transactions.

14 day cooling off period

The 14 day "cooling off period" does not apply to B2B transactions and B2B services, which includes our services.

12 month contract

When clients sign up with us, we make it clear that there is a 12 month minimum contract commitment. This is made clear in:-

a) The initial email literature we send out upon enquiry and before a sale is made, payment is taken, or direct debit/subscription for monthly fee is setup

b) In the sign up page before you set up a direct debit. Additionally there is a checkbox you have to tick which explains this, and an additional checkbox you have to tick to agree to our terms & conditions (which also make clear the 12 month commitment)

The above form the contract, and the 12 month commitment is made very clear.

We reserve the right to claim the balance of 12 monthly payments for clients wishing to leave before the end of the contract.

Which laws do apply?

B2B transactions are covered by contract law, and Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 -

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