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I'm abroad and my email is not working
The MailEnable system we use can be used from anywhere in the world. Unless you're in a country that restricts internet (like Russia or North Korea). The way our services are connected to the internet is no different to anywhere else so you should be able to access it from anywhere; that's why they call it the World Wide Web rather than the UK wide web.

Usually the only reason you'll have trouble sending or receiving emails whilst you are abroad is if the internet connection you're using is blocking emails. This can be a common issue when using public WiFi connections such as in cafes, hotels, bars, restaurants, public Wifi hotspots, etc. See below for details and possible workarounds.

Are you using a public WiFi connection?

Many public WiFi connections only provide limited access to the internet, and just allow you to browse web pages and not send emails. Annoying, but it's their policy, not ours.

If you're using a public WiFi connection and can not send and/or receive emails using your normal email client, then we would recommend using the web based email service and logging in there which you can do by visiting

If that still doesn't work then it looks like the company who is providing your public wifi connection is blocking access. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do about that so you would need to find a more reliable internet connection that does not block access to email.

Check our common email error messages in case the fact you're abroad is just a red herring

The fact you're abroad could just be a red herring and there may be a different issue you're experiencing. Please check these guides on our FAQ:-

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