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Should I secure all verions (TLDs) for my domain name?
Where possible; "yes" would be our recommendation.

eg, let's say you have a company called "My Lovely Company" and you have the domain name

If a competitor came along and bought the version; eg or the .net version; then that could be bad for your business for a number of reasons:-

a) People often accidentally type in the wrong part of the last domain name (getting confused with .com / meaning they could go to your competitors website

b) Anyone going to the wrong website means lost sales and a poor reflection on your brand

c) It also makes you harder to reach by email if you have email on your domain name

Whilst there is a cost for securing multiple versions of your domain name, this can be a minimal cost compared to buying the domain name from a competitor or somebody who has merely decided to buy it for the sake of putting up a porn or scam website. So yes, buy each version you can reasonably afford!

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