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What is the notice period / when can I cancel?

What is the notice period?

The notice period for our websites (after the initial 12 months) is just 1 month.

Unlike with some other providers, you are not automatically put into another 12 month contract after the first 12 months, so you have the freedom and flexibility of just 1 months notice.

Final notice is the notice we count

We base our cancellation period based on the FINAL notice provided. For example, if you're "thinking" about cancelling, or provide inclination of notice to cancel but not actual final notice, or think you might leave at some point in the next few months, or are organising cancellation, then this does not start the notice period. The 1 month notice period only starts with the final notice which is the point where we arrange to suspend services and cancel billing.

When can I cancel?

a) The 1 month cancellation period starts from when we receive a completed cancellation form

b) We can not accept the 1 month cancellation period if you are unsure of exactly when you'd like your website turned off so please only cancel when you're ready to cancel.

Final payment

There is a 1 month notice period (if you're outside the 12 month initial contract) so after cancellation you will have one final payment.

The final payment is charged upon completion of the cancellation form. We schedule the payment immediately to avoid issues with the cancellation of direct debits.

How do I cancel

You must fill out the cancellation form so we have a record of the cancellation, and so that you can inform us what you'd like to do with associated services such as domain names and/or email accounts.

Please either login to our client portal and fill out the cancellation form, or go to the "Cancellation" section in your website manager by going to "Help, Billing & Upgrades".

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