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What is the notice period / when can I cancel?

What is the notice period?

The notice period for our websites (after the initial 12 months) is just 1 month.

Unlike with some other providers, you are not automatically put into another 12 month contract after the first 12 months, so you have the freedom and flexibility of just 1 months notice.

When can I cancel?

a) The 1 month cancellation period starts from when we receive a completed cancellation form

b) We can not accept the 1 month cancellation period if you are unsure of exactly when you'd like your website turned off so please only cancel when you're ready to cancel.

How do I cancel

Please either login to our client portal and fill out the cancellation form, or go to the "Cancellation" section in your website manager by going to "Help, Billing & Upgrades".

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