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When uploading to my website, why does nothing happen when I press the 'Choose File' / 'Browse' button to select my images?


You've just taken some pictures ready to upload onto your website. You log in to your website manager and try to upload some pictures, but nothing happens when you press the "Choose File" or 'Browse..' button to select your images ready for upload.

Why does this happen?

It's very likely that this issue is a problem with the web browser you are using, rather than anything to do with your website itself.

If you're using Safari version 14.0.1

There is a problem with this version of Safari that has stopped the file selection box from opening when pressing the "Browse..." button.

How can I solve this issue?

We would recommend trying the 2 steps below in order to solve this issue -:

1) Try and update your web browser

Making sure that your browser is up to date is a great way to solve these kind of issues, as the companies that create your web browser will frequently release updates to solve problems and introduce new features.

2) See if it works in a different web browser

As it is more than likely a problem with the web browser you are using, we would highly recommend you trying to download a different web browser and instead uploading your pictures from there. The browser you use is up to you, but we would highly recommend using either Google Chrome or Firefox

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