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My account keeps getting blocked due to incorrect password


You keep having issues logging into your email because your account is getting locked out.

Why this happens

Your account will get locked in one of the following scenarios:-

  1. You keep entering in the wrong password when trying to log in. For security, if you try and enter in the wrong password too many times, your account will get locked out for 1 hour


  2. Your computer/phone/tablet has got your email account set up on it, but it's got the wrong password setup. So when your computer/phone/tablet goes to automatically check your email, it does so with the wrong password. Because most devices check for new email regularly, these repeated attempts to login with an invalid password will be what locks your account out

  3. Have you changed your email password recently? If so, this may be one of the reasons the above is happening

Please note that the account lock out is automatic (it's not a human being deciding to lock you out) and it can NOT be turned off.

What to do about it

a) Make sure you are using the correct password to login to your email

b) Make sure EVERY device you have (eg phone, tablet, computer) which is used to check your email has the correct password entered in
  • You can find instructions on how to update the password in your email program by clicking here

  • If you have difficulty updating your email software, you will need to contact your IT company or whoever looks after your computers for you (we do not provide assistance with your email software as it isn't provided by us or part of our service)
c) Double check there are no OLD or UNUSED devices you have which are configured to use email which have an old password entered in. We've had cases in the past where clients have got 3 computers in an office, but they only regurly use 2 of them. The third (older) computer in the office was also configured to access email but nobody had updated the password in it when the password was changed. Because it kept trying to automatically log in using an old password, this is what was locking out the account.

NOTE - We can unlock your account manually, BUT it will automatically become locked out again if the problem keeps occuring (eg something keeps trying to login with the wrong password). This is automatic and not something we can control so the key is to prevent the problem from happening as per the instructions above.

Further information

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