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When will I receive my referral fee, and monthly discount for referring?
Referral fees are paid when:-

  • The client being referred to us has been with us for 3 months, and made 3 monthly payments

For example:-

  • You recommend a client on 20th January

  • They decide to go ahead with a website on 15th February and pay the setup fee

  • They set up their monthly fee a few days later

  • Their first monthly fee goes out on 1st March

  • The next two monthly fees go out on 1st April and 1st May

  • We can then pay you the referral fee in May

  • Your monthly discount would then start 1st June

Please note we only pay out for successful referrals. eg if a you recommend us to someone, but they don't proceed with a website, then we can not pay out a referral fee.

Further info

Please see our further referral scheme FAQ by clicking here.

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