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Can I pause my monthly fee?


You want to temporarily pause your monthly fee or temporarily suspend your website.

If you have had your website less than 12 months

Our websites are for a minimum of a 12 month contract, as stated on all our documentation and terms when you take out a website with us, and there is no way to pause the monthly fee in the first 12 months.

This is irrespective of whether your website is live, or whether you're actively working on your website.

If you have had your website more than 12 months

You can suspend a website for up to 6 months.

Please note pausing your monthly fee also means temporarily suspending your services, so during this time you will have no access to:-
  • Your website
  • Website manager
  • Email services (if provided by us)
  • Help and support
There is also a re-activation fee of £100+VAT to cover the cost of administration and archiving your website for up to 6 months.

We can suspend websites for a maximum of six months. After this your website will be automatically deleted. Please see below for details.

Can I pause my website for longer than six months?

Six months is the maximum amount of time you can pause your website for.

Whilst your website is paused, we still have to pay to store it, so we incur costs during that six months. We're happy to do this for the convenience of clients, but it's uneconomical for us to do this for longer than six months.

Should you need your website to be off for more than six months you would need to continue to pay your monthly fee (or downgrade to the cheapest plan temporarily).

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