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I get an error message about my picture not being at least 2,000 pixels


You try and upload a picture for a product on your website, but you get an error message like this:-

What is this update?

We have implemented a feature to ensure that when adding a product, or updating product images, the images you use are at least 2,000 pixels high or wide.


Why have we done this?

To ensure that your website looks great and that your product images are of high quality.

Screens on mobiles, tablets and computers have become much higher quality over the past few years, especially with retina, 4K and 5K screens now being so prevalent. So ensuring you uplaod images that are at least 2,000 pixels high or wide is now a must.

If you upload images smaller than this size, it's likely that they will appear blurry on higher resolution screens, which is not going to create a great impression for your customers, and make it harder to sell your items. Remember... visitors to your site are going to be buying from the pictures, so it's really important that these are of a decent resolution.

Decent resolution images can also help you be more favourable in search engines and image searches.

We recommend that all images you upload are at least 2,000 pixels either wide or high. For example, an image 2,000 pixels wide and 1,500 pixels high would be fine.

Note that 2,000 pixels really is our minimum recommendation. In an ideal world we'd say 4,000 pixels high or wide would probably be the best. You can get further information about image size recommendations by clicking here.


I want to use low resolution images like I did before, can I turn this new feature off?

Yes, if you understand the consequences of uploading lower resolution images you're certainly able to turn this feature off and upload low resolution images like you did before the update.

To turn it off, go to the "Settings" section of your website manager, then "General Settings", and then go to the "Misc" tab. If you scroll down on this page at the bottom you'll find the option to turn these checks off.

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