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Timescales and response times

Tech support

Tickets logged before 4pm (on a working day)
  • Guaranteed same working day response
  • eg log a ticket at 3pm on a Wednesday, and we'll reply that same day

Tickets logged after 4pm (or on a non working day)
  • Guaranteed next working day response
  • eg...
    • log a ticket at 5pm on a Wednesday, and we'll reply the next working day (Thursday)
    • log a ticket on a Saturday, and we'll reply the next working day (Monday)

Time of day we respond
  • We check support tickets several times a day, and have a large screen in the office which notifies us about tickets and how many we have to reply to that day.
  • On unusually busy days, or for more complex tickets, it may not be until later that day that we respond (eg after business hours). However, this is the exception, not the rule, and we always aim to reply ASAP during business hours and it's rare that you're waiting more than a few hours for a response

Response versus fix
  • Where it is possible to fix the issue straight away, we always will as we don't want to keep you waiting. However if the fix takes several days worth of work, or is generally more complex, we will reply withing our guaranteed times but it may take longer to implement the fix. We will always keep you up to date.

Help us to help you (please provide information!)
  • Please provide as much information as possible when raising a ticket so we can help. Any relevant information such as reference numbers of products or orders is extremely helpful (and usually essential). The more information the better, otherwise we might have to reply asking for information which will delay a solution (which we don't want as we want to resolve issues for you ASAP)

Weekends / evenings / out of hours emergencies
  • We do not usually check support tickets on evenings or weekends.
  • If you have a genuine emergency, you can raise an emergency ticket which will reach us 24/7/365
  • Strictly for genuine emergencies only, and a charge applies for non emergencies submitted as emergencies to cover out of hours cost of staff

Working days

Our normal working days are Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

DNS changes or email provider switches

If you require DNS changes or need to switch email provider, please provide 2 working days notice, and note that these types of changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate.

We do not do these changes on a Friday in case you have issues at the weekend and we are not around to help.

Website go lives

We require 2 working days notice to put a website live.

We do not do go lives on a Friday in case there are issues over the weekend and we're not around to help.

We can not guarantee go live dates if we did not register the domain name (although we'll always do our absolute best to assist!)

Bespoke work & alterations

These are scheduled in on our development diary, and vary depending on how complex the work is and how busy our diary is at the time. We should advise you when the work is booked in but if you're unsure please don't hesitate to contact us.

Feature requests to off the shelf websites

If you've requested a feature on one of our off the shelf websites, please click here for more information on how we manage feature requests

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