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Switching from PayPal to WorldPay

As of early 2021, WorldPay Online are no longer accepting new customers so if you don't have a WorldPay online account already, then this is no longer an option for you.


You've been using PayPal on your website but now we have WorldPay integration you'd like to switch to using that.

Benefit of using WorldPay

PayPal can make it difficult to pay with a debit or credit card without signing up for a PayPal account.

Some visitors can find this confusing, and abandon the checkout, meaning you miss out on orders.

Research shows that website owners who switch from having PayPal to WorldPay end up increasing sales as a result.

We would however recommend that you have BOTH WorldPay and PayPal so that people can very easily pay by debit card, credit card or PayPal; thus giving the most amount of options and the least amount of barriers to a sale.

How to do it

1) Sign up for a WorldPay account here:-

2) Add your WorldPay details to the website manager

a) Inside the WorldPay online login (portal), go to "Settings" and then the "API Keys" section

b) Here there should be two keys; "Client Key" and "Service Key"

c) You'll need to copy and paste these details in the website manager. To do this, we'd recommend opening up a second tab/window in your web browser so you can have both the website manager and the WorldPay online login open at the same time

d) In the website manager, go to the "Settings" section in your website manager, then "Shop Settings", and then "Payment Provider". On this screen select WorldPay as your payment service provider and copy & paste in your Client Key and Service Key from WorldPay

e) Leave the account in "TEST" mode on the website manager settings so you can test it first

3) Test your WorldPay integration

a) Place a test order on the website

b) You'll need test credit card details which you can find here:-

4) Go live

a) Go back into the "Settings" section in your website manager, then "Shop Settings", and then "Payment Provider". Change the mode from "TEST" to "LIVE"

5) We'd also recommend enabling PayPal with WorldPay so that if you have PayPal users come to your site, they can pay with their PayPal account

For instructions on doing this, please click here

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