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Google Analytics - what it is, and how to get it
What is it?

Put simply, Google Analyics allows you to find stats and information about your website traffic. Such as number of visitors, where those visitors came from, which pages they looked at, how long they spend on the site etc

Why should I use it?

There's lots of reasons and ways you might want to use Google Analytics. Here are a few examples:-

  1. You've paid for an advert somewhere (eg newspaper, online ad, yellow pages etc) with a link to your website, and want to see how effective it was at getting visitors to your website. Google Analyics can provide you with this information.

  2. You want to see how many people are coming to your website

  3. You want to know out of all the visitors to your website, what percentage of those actually result in someone buying online or making an enquiry

  4. You want to see what the most popular pages are on your website (eg the most popular products)

Are there any alternatives that aren't as complicated as Google Analytics?

Yes, with our Reporting and Event tracking features available with our websites, you can get easy to understand reports which display a depth of data.

How do I get Google Analytics?

Step 1) Get a Google Analytics account and get your tracking code

Step 2) Integrate it with your website
  • If you have one of our ready made (off the shelf) websites created since 2012, you can do this yourself very easily. If you have an older website, or a bespoke website, please email us.

  • Login to your website manager

  • Go to "Settings" and then "Tracking & verification code"

  • Google will give you some code which looks like this. It's accessible from the Google Analytics website, and they may also email it to you:-

  • Paste this code into the website manager in the "Tracking code above closing </body> tag section. Make sure you don't overwrite any other code that's already there

  • Press save

  • You're now integrated! It may take Google up to a few days to start registering activity on your Google Analytics account

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