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Missing some emails?
  • You are missing some emails before a certain date
  • One of your folders has disappeared

Reasons this might be happening

  • If you can`t view entire folders:-

    • Were you able to view them before? If so are you sure you have your list of folders expanded?
    • If you haven`t been able to see them before on this computer or device, please see our instructions on viewing all your email folders by clicking here.

  • If you`re missing just some emails, such as ones before a certain date...

    • There are variety of reasons this can happen. The most common ones are:-

      • Your email software (eg Entourage, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail etc) has "archived" your emails. This means it has put older messages in a separate location. The method for viewing or "unarchiving" these messages varies from computer to computer, but you`ll usually find them in a section called "Archive" with the other folders on your email program. This is by far the most common reason that your emails might appear to have gone missing (when in fact they've just been archived by your email program)

      • You have more than one device accessing your emails, and one of those devices has downloaded the messages and removed them. In this case, check all devices you have (or have had) your email account set up on and check if they`re there.

      • A fault in your email software corrupting your message store or the "index" of the messages it keeps, or a similar issue

      • A virus on your computer deleting messages. Even if you're using a Mac, remember that Macs *can* get viruses!

      • The username and password for your email account has been stolen by a hacker or virus or you've been the victim of a "man in the middle" or similar attack. This means that a hacker or virus has stolen your username and password from your computer and has deleted your messages

    • Check to see if you can see the "missing" emails by logging into webmail at

What can be done about it?
  1. Firstly, please read through the above to see if that helps resolve your query

  2. Check the "archive" folder on your email program to see if your emails are there

  3. If you use more than one device to check your emails (eg more than one computer, or a tablet and a computer etc), then check all the devices to see if your emails are on another device.

  4. Check any backups you have to see if you have a backup of the messages or folders you can`t find. Note - backing up your email is your responsibility and we don`t do email backups for you to cover eventualities such as you deleting messages or your email software archiving them. (We do backups however for redundancy and server failures at our end of course).

  5. Check to see if you can see the "missing" emails by logging into webmail at

Please note - the email service we use (called "MailEnable") only stores backups of your email as it currently is. If software on your computer has "archived" or "moved" the messages, then this will be an IT/computer issue, not an issue with the MailEnable email system, and we can not retrieve these messages for you. You would need to find the messages as per the information above. If you don't know how to do this, please contact whoever manages your IT or computers for you. If you don't have an IT company, we may be able to recommend one for you.

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