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The connection to the outgoing server failed

What happens

You get an error like this from your phone, tablet, or computer:-

The connection to the outgoing server "" failed.

What to do about it

1) Make sure that in the error it refers to ""

If it says anything other than this (eg "", "", or any other variation) then your computer / phone / tablet is not configured correctly and the wrong server address has been entered. You will need to repeat setting it up by following the setup instructions which you can see by clicking here

2) Make sure your internet service provider (eg whoever provides your internet connection) isn't blocking outbound email

Some internet service providers, and internet providers in public areas (eg public Wifi), will block outbound email. If you re using a laptop, a phone or tablet, and you are using public WiFi then try connecting to a different WiFi connection

You can test to see if your outbound email connection is getting blocked by following the instructions here

3) Reboot stuff

a) Try rebooting your computer/phone fully

b) Reboot/restart your internet router or modem

4) Make sure you're using the right password

If your computer / phone / tablet is using the wrong password to login then after too many attempts at connecting using the wrong password your internet connection will get temporarily blocked, and you won't be able to log in. This is a security feature to prevent people trying to hack into your account.

Your internet connection can get blocked if:-

a) The device you're having issues with is trying to login using the wrong password

b) Another device using the same internet connection is trying to login using the wrong password. This can happen if you've recently changed your password but not updated all your devices yet


i) Double check you can log in using what you believe to be the correct username and password. You can test this by trying to log in at

ii) Make sure all your devices are using the correct password (please double check as it's a very, very common issue when clients think they've entered in the correct password but haven't)

iii) Check to see if your IP address is blacklisted from our servers. Please click here for instructions

iv) If you continue to experience issues after changing the password wait an hour and the temporary ban on your internet connection should be lifted

v) If it isn't lifted, please raise a support ticket and we'll lift it for you. Please do note however if we lift a ban and you still have a device using the wrong password, you'll automatically get banned again (sorry, this is just a security feature of the MailEnable email server system we use).

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