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Send an email with a large attachment

How should I send large files?

Email was designed in the mid 70's and was never really intended to be used to send large files, and as such, it's not very good at doing this.

The good news however, is that if you have large attachments to send (or lots of images/pictures to send) then there's now more efficient ways of doing it.

A range of services (many of them free) exist and many of these allow you to send files up to 2gb (2,000 megabytes). These work by:-

1) Uploading the file(s) from your computer
2) Giving you a link you can send to someone to download the file(s)
3) Sending that link by email

What services can I use to send large files (or multiple large files?)

Please find links below to some popular large file sending services.

(Please note, these services are not provided by us and we do not provide support for them)

We transfer



What's the biggest email size I can send?

We support sending emails of up to 20mb each. Beyond that then you will have problems as even if we had an increased limit, many recipients email systems don't and it's likely that the email would bounce back (fail to send).

As such as we recommend using a large file sending service, like those mentioned above.

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