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My picture hasn't uploaded


You've tried to upload a picture to the website manager but it isn't working, or the old picture still appears.


#1) Did you upload a picture but it isn't displaying on the website or website manager?

This is the most commonly asked question about picture uploading.


You've uploaded a new image via the website manager to replace an existing image.
You didn't get any error messages, but the new image doesn't appear.

Why this happens

The internet (and web browsers) don't view a web page "live". What they do is download a copy of the web page to your computer, and then view it from your computer (this isn't specific to the way we work, it's just the way the internet works and has done for a very long time). If you replace an image on your website and the old one still appears, it's because your computer / web browser is still loading the old image.

This is commonly referred to as "caching".


You need to refresh the page which is showing the old / outdated image.

It's important that when you refresh that:-
  • You refresh the exact page(s) which are showing the old images
  • If that doesn't work, make sure you "force refresh" rather than doing a normal refresh
For instructions on how to refresh, please click here.

If refreshing doesn't work first time, please try again and make sure you're looking at the right page as this does solve 99.999999999% of cases.

#2) Images you can upload vs images you can't

Please check to see if the image you're uploading is a valid / supported image.

You can upload the following types of images:-
  • On websites created since approx 2015:-
    • JPG / JPEG images
    • PNG images
    • GIF images

  • On older websites:-
    • JPG / JPEG images

Types of images you can't currently upload:-

  • TIFF images

Files which aren't actually images:-

The following aren't actually images, although sometimes they are mistaken for images. They can not be uploaded to a website as an image unless you convert them to an image first. Consult whoever provided you the file and ask them for a proper image format:-

  • Word files (eg doc / docx files)
  • PDF files (these can be uploaded as downloadable files, but not images as they aren't images)
  • PSD
  • AI
  • EPS

#3) You got an error message

First, please read what the error message says and see if the message itself provides your solution. More often than not the error message explains what the issue is, and how to resolve it.

If you get an error about the image being too small, and needing to be at least 2000px, then please click here for details

For anything else, please raise a support ticket with a FULL copy of the error message and we'll do our absolute best to diagnose it and provide a solution for you.

4) Images are slow to upload

Please check the speed of your internet connection. Click here for details.

5) Images don't finish uploading

Please check the speed of your internet connection. Click here for details.

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