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Can you recommend someone to help me with my computer?

Are you struggling with something like the below?

  • Error messages on your computer

  • Email software problems
    (to do with your email software configuration rather than your email service)

  • Difficulty installing software

Finding someone local

We'd recommend having a look on Google, and finding someone with good reviews.

Search for something like "computer repair near me".

Remote IT support (over the phone using remote control)

If you can't find anybody local to you, and your problem isn't a physical fault, there are plenty of companies now that can help you remotely by remote controlling into your computer.

Below is a list of some we've found.

Disclaimer: we can't personally vouch for the companies listed here as we haven't used them ourselves, and we can not guarantee they can solve your issues. These companies are in no way affiliated with us.




Can't you fix my computer for me?

Sadly this is not a service we offer; sorry!

We specialise in making great websites to help people sell online easily....

Whilst in the olden days we used to do a limited amount of computer repair and IT support, this is something we stopped doing in around 2012 so that we can concentrate on making great websites and web based systems.

We no longer have the staff in house to be able to offer this service. Sorry!

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